Camel trekking in Merzouga

Camel trekking in Merzouga

Tour itinerary


Sunset/Sunrise Desert Camel Trek

It’s time for the true Sahara, for a camel ride and overnight in the Sahara Desert. For a 1/2 hour you’ll walk on a camel to the dunes to see the sunset. Or continue across the Erg Chebbi sand dunes for another hour, and enjoy a typical dining at the camp to spend the night at the Berber tent. The next morning, look at the sunrise on the top of a dune and head to your camel’s back at the inn.

Camel ride in Merzouga

Most of our travelers visit the desert want to explore a nomadic mode of living: go on a camel journey, dine under the stars, spend the night in the Berber tent. Camel Trekking is a desert activities that allow you to experience Bedouin’s mean of transport. Come and experience a desert journey with a camel and a guide, who will take you along through the dunes and enjoy sunrise and sunset.


Camel Trek: nearly an hour and a half lasting.

Your journey starts early at 4am – 5am and takes you across the Erg Chebbi dunes on a splendid camel trek. A guide who is familiar with the path leading to the high dunes and who can understand Spanish, French, and English will accompany you. In the vicinity of your hotel you will ride your camel and start walking deep in the dunes, what you will see is great sea sand. You have to scale the highest dune to get a fabulous panorama and feel calm, tranquility, feeling and sights. Watch your camel park field for sunrise otherwise. The peace and quiet of the desert was appreciated. During these expenses

Sunset Trek Camel: almost an hour and a half of length.

Your journey starts at about 4 – 15 pm with the Sahara caravan leading you across the Erg Chebbi orange dunes on a beautiful camel tour. You will be followed by a guide who knows the way to high dunes and can speak Spanish, French or English. You mount your camel in the vicinity of your hotel and you begin to move deep within the dunes. all you can see is vast sea sand. You have to ascend the dunes to witness calm, tranquility, feeling and sights in order to have a fabulous view. Watch your camel park field instead with the sunset. The serenity and peace of the place will be appreciated.

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